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Self-Distribution vs. Trade Distribution
Avery Cardoza

When it comes to deciding on a direction in the distribution world, the choice is clear in my opinion - using distributors, sales reps, and wholesalers are a better and more profitable choice for publishers than self-distribution.

Not only will these agents reach the bookstore market more efficiently that you can possibly do through your own efforts, but booksellers would rather buy books from these consolidated source than directly from smaller publishers. It's not that bookstores aren't supportive of sible - it's just that they are loathe to order directly from undue multiple sources and deal with the additional hassles, costs, and paperwork involved in buying from smaller accounts. Booksellers will buy direct from smaller publishers, and it is a viable way to sell books, but overall, it's not the best way for you to sell books.

Only large publishing houses, companies such as Random House and Simon & Schuster, can afford their own exclusive sales force and the huge costs involved in paying the salaries, commissions, and expenses. Short of a company this size, the rest of publishing world needs to rely on distribution channels such as those we'll discuss in this section.

Digest From: The Complete Guide to Successful Publishing
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