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Setting Goals - Being Successful
Avery Cardoza

We all like to be successful in what we do. However, the concept of success means different things to different people, and of course, depends upon the situation. While one publisher might be ecstatic just to complete the publishing cycle - that is, create and publish a book, get that book into the bookstore, and have the consumer buy the book and take it home - even though few sales might be made - another publisher won't be satisfied untill his line of books brings untold millions in profits.

In between these two extremes are the majority of publishers, those who want their books to make enough money to not only be profitable, but to earn their living in publishing. Just getting a book into a few bookstores will be unsatisfactory, while on the other hand, making millions, thopugh it might be nice, is not a requirement. They want to make a comfortable living and have the security of a line of books they can count on for their income year after year.

So, while financial goals are the objective of many publishiers, others publish books as a labor of love or to support works they feel important or meaningful. For these publishers, success has an entirely different look and meaning to their program. The amount of money gerated by their books is secondary to the fact that new people are getting exposed to their works. In truth though, all publishers probably share some of both traits; the financial goals and the labor of love.

Whatever your goal, we'll go over all the necessary steps to get your book to press and out into the market.

Digest From: The Complete Guide to Successful Publishing
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